Coping with Anxiety

Coping with Anxiety

Having ways to manage your anxiety will make the next few days, weeks and months more manageable.

Stay informed: It is important however, to limit how much time you spend on social media and/or listening, reading or watching the news. Don’t let it dominate your time or thoughts, balance it with other positive activities and normal day to day routines.

Scaling: Is the information feeding your anxiety or providing a balanced informative view? Be curious and check for facts.

Acknowledge your own feelings: Validate them – it is very natural to feel upset or fearful when facing an uncertainty or unknown threat.

Stay connected: Talk to others about how you feel and share your thoughts. When we connect with others we feel less vulnerable and realise we are not alone. We have more in common with others than differences.

If you feel a need for some additional help: A therapist can help you have a confidential space to explore your thoughts and feelings and offer some techniques that may be useful to you.

Look after your physical health: When we feel better, we look after ourselves better; eating well, sleeping restfully and being active. All these things can boost our immune system and that is indeed a good plan.